The Phoenix School For Creative Learning

Our Teaching Styles

  • Our program is tailored around the the specific teaching needs of the individual student.  In other words, we don't force a square peg in a round hole as in teaching to the masses.

    • We use projects to enhance learning as well, as to help enhance and inspire creativity.
    • Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace, in their own way.
    • We offer complete individualization as much as possible.
    • We offer creative learning solutions or strategies for each student.
    • Each student's individuality is respected.

  • We concentrate on the development of the whole student
    • We incorporate in the development of our students social skills education.
    • We work with our students from where they are and propel them forward.

  • All of our students have an Individualized Educational Programs (IEP)
    • If for whatever reason an entering student does not have an IEP, we will develop one for that particular child.

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